Friday, July 22, 2011

Some people call me crazy....

People who don't run usually think I'm crazy when I say that 3-4 miles is either a warm-up and a speed workout. They look at me even more strangely when I say 6-8 miles is my mid-distance running length. I usually lose these people completely when I say I run for fun, because I can and that it keeps me sane.

So, yesterday afternoon I was thinking about where/what I wanted to run this morning with my best running pal, Cathy. I had the huge urge to run a new route and I felt compelled to make it a hard, hilly run. So I mapped out a route I conjured in my mind to see how long of a run it would be. It mapped out to about 6.75 miles - perfect!

I emailed the route to Cathy and said, "What do you think?" After viewing it, she sent back a message, "LOL! Are you crazy?!" My response, "Yes! But you already knew that!"

I have to love my best running pal because she is the best! Such a trooper for supporting this whim of mine to run something new. So at 6:00 am this morning, we left her house to conquer this new route of mine. Up, up, up we went for the first 3 - 3.5 miles and then is was the sweetest of downhills and flat all the way back to her house. The total distance ended up being just shy of 6.6 miles and it was one huge, hilly loop.

We both finished feeling good, tired and excited about having a new route. It was great to see new scenery and to challenge ourselves on the hills. I'm looking forward to doing that run again!

Want to check out our loop? Click on this link....
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