Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marathon Training: And so it begins....

Some of you may remember that back in April, I announced that I registered to run my first FULL Marathon. I will be running CIM in Sacramento on Sunday December 4, 2011. That date has been lingering in the back of my mind since I registered. All summer long, I've kept my weekly running mileage up so that when my running pals and I started officially training for our marathon I would already have a strong base.

Now that that kids are back in school, and we're about 12 weeks until the race, it's time to get serious about my training. Being that this is my first full marathon, it's a little intimidating thinking about a training program and what I should or shouldn't include. So, I have spent a few hours over the last couple days arming myself with my basic knowledge of what to include, suggested training plans and recommendations so that I can sit and build a training program that is specific to my personal needs.

So, this afternoon after I go run a few errands, I will spread out all my papers, my work schedule, my kids' school schedule, my obligations for the kids both in school and out, and I will sit down and create my training schedule.

I have also decided that as I take this journey of running my first full marathon, that I will catalog my experiences here on the blog. I hope that by sharing this journey with you I will be able to inspire you to tackle a new obstacle for yourself and your own fitness/health goals.

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